You ARE welcome

Join us in person or online as we create a space to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and develop a loving environment where all are made to feel loved and welcome.

Your Leaders

Dove Gospel – Darlinghurst is lead by multiple pastors, with different backgrounds to make sure your spiritual needs are met.

Brian English

Senior Pastor

Dove Gospel – Australia

James Hughes

Founder / Senior Pastor

Dove Gospel – Network

Alex Joyce

Founder / Executive

Dove Gospel – Network

Marnie Rose

Lead Pastor

Dove Gospel – Darlinghurst

Dove Gospel – Darlinghurst

Our church is governed by Dove Gospel – Network under the subsidiary of Dove Gospel – Church. Each country is supplied with a Network Executive and or Regional Director to ensure the operation operates with the full authority of the network and remains subject to random auditing.


We are made in the image of Christ, and that means we are both designed and made to have relationship with the body of Christ.

You will always be welcome to contact our Care Team


As the body of Christ, we are non-judgemental believers in the saving blood of Jesus in our lives. We welcome all who come through the door, while our pastors protect the flock our focus is to show you that you can have a relationship with Jesus Christ. and that you are welcome in this church to come as you are.

One Body, One Network, Multiple Programs

We want for the members of our church to experience the very best in pastoral, program, and community support that can be provided to you. This is why we have heavily invested in frameworks allowing us to provide for you in your time of need and support.

Interested in our theology? or deeper way of thinking. We offer this information over on our Dove Gospel – Network website.

Temporary Accommodation

During an emergency, we can offer our members a case-by-case basis, of tempoary accommodation to get you back on your feet and provide stability.


Are you suffering injustice? Are you having issues presenting yourself to the medical professionals. Our team is here to help.


We get the need for intensive support, after abusive relationships with previous pastors or those who have disturbed one’s self-image.


You are vaulable, you are special, and we are all one body in Christ. With over 30% percent of our conregation being autisic, we understand you.


We are going onto the streets of Sydney, Australia to spread a message of acceptance. So that all come to know no matter your orientation, no matter the sin you think you’ve committed. You are beloved as a child of the Father.

Let’s Work Together

We have the mutual goal of having you become closer and intimate with Jesus in an environment that you can receive him in freedom from judgement and condemnation. Let’s start the conversation today.

Talk To Us!

We tailour our approach to support the invidual coming into our church or engaging in our ministry. You are warmly invited to make  contact with our team(s) in order to have your needs best determined and have yourself taken care of. Use the link below to get in touch with us, and we’ll get right back to you.